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    dyna-currencies is a currency converter.

    Currently it doesn't fetch currency rates from any service. You have to provide the currency rates.

    Written in Typescript, runs everywhere.


    import {DynaCurrencies} from 'dyna-currencies';
    const dynaCurrencies = new DynaCurrencies();
    dynaCurrencies.updateRates({"usd": 1, "eur": 0.85});
    let usdPrice = dynaCurrencies.convert(2.45, 'eur', 'usd', true);
    console.log(usdPrice); // 2.88 


    updateRates(rates: ICurrencyRates): void

    Update the partially. You can pass so many rates you want (not all of them).

    When no rates are updated, the many convert functions return null.

    clear(): void

    Clears all rates (added/updated with update).

    convert(value: number, fromCurrency: string, toCurrency: string, round: boolean = false): number | null

    Set round to true to round the currency according to the decimals of the target currency.

    convertToLabel(value: number, fromCurrency: string, toCurrency: string): IDynaLabelCurrency | null

    Converts the currency, and the output instead of a number is the IDynaLabelCurrency interface where is friendly for the Yahoo Intl.

    convertDynaPrice(price: IDynaPrice, toCurrency: string): IDynaPrice | null

    It converts a DynaPrice object.

    getCurrencyRatesDic(): ICurrencyRates

    Get all currencies as a dictionary.

    getCurrencies(): ICurrency[]

    Get all currencies to array for drop-down controls, etc..

    getCurrencyRatesByCountry(countryCode: string): ICurrency[]

    Get all currencies that a country can hold.

    getCurrencyByCountry(countryCode: string): ICurrency | null

    Get the main currency for a country.

    Return null when no rates are loaded or when it countryCode is wrong.


    count: number

    It returns the number of all updated rates.

    hasRates: boolean

    It returns all the updated rates.

    lastUpdate: Date

    When updated last time


    interface ICurrencyRates { [currencyName: string]: number | undefined; }

    interface ICurrencies { [currencyName: string]: ICurrency; }

    interface ICurrency { code: string; symbol: string; name: string; namePlural: string; symbolNative: string; decimalDigits: number; rounding: number; }

    interface ICountries { [currencyName: string]: ICountry | undefined; }

    interface ICountry { name: string; native: string; phone: string; continent: string; capital: string; currency: string; languages: string[]; }

    interface IDynaLabelCurrency extends IDynaLabel { values: { value: number; decimals: number; currencyName: string; currencyNamePlural: string; currencyCode: string; currencySymbol: string; currencySymbolNative: string; } }

    interface IDynaLabel { // object used for ui labels, where the content of it is used also for translations text?: string; // the text will be applied if the tk not found (as default text) tk?: string; // the translation key values?: { // values are used inside the translated text (obtained by the tk) [key: string]: string | number; }; }




    npm i dyna-ts-module-boilerplate

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