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Coloring library for console strings


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Dye is a coloring/styling library for wrapping common ANSI escape sequences around text that produce colors/styling when logged to a terminal.

The interface mostly mirrors the popular colors module on npm, but does not introduce implicit global dependencies in your code via String.prototype, and has been cleaned up for terminal use only.


Basic usage is simply All the exported colors with bold (aka bright) variants should work everywhere. Here we test all the methods in both variants.

var dye = require('dye');
var cols = ['white', 'black', 'grey', 'blue', 'cyan', 'green', 'magenta', 'red','yellow'];
cols.forEach(function (col) {
  var colored = dye[col](col);

example output!


The inverse, underline, italic functions have sparse support (no worky on windows).


$ npm install dye


MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.