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    Dutch X Services

    Dutch X Services, is a project that contains services and other goodies to make easier the interaction with the Duch Exchange smart contracts.

    Scope and maing parts of dx-services

    It contains five main elements:

    • Model: Set of convenient wrappers and utilities to provide a simpler way to interact with the Dutch X.

      • repositories: Provide the data access to external data sources like the Dutch X smart contracts, price feeds, gas price feeds, etc. They provide also a more intuitive error handling, that gives detailed information about the reasons a smart contract revert a operation.
      • services: Provides some common bussiness logic operations to make Dutch X interactation easier.
    • REST Api:

      • Exposes the Dutch X data in a REST API.
      • Also documents it using swagger. Check the API Documentation
      • For an example on how to use the API, check dx-examples-api
    • Cli (Command Line Interface):

      • Allows to interact with the Dutch X from the command line.
      • Allows to perform operations to retrieve the Dutch X state from any Ethereum network
      • Also, allow to fund accounts, deposit tokens into the Dutch X, participate in an auction as a seller or a buyer and mutch more.
      • For an example on how to use the CLI, check dx-examples-liquidity-bots
    • Liquidity Bots

      • Allows to launch bots watching certain token pairs with the goal or ensuring the market liquidity.
      • The bots will automatically participate in the auctions usign the provided configuration.
      • For documentation about the bots, and example on how to run your own bots, check dx-examples-liquidity-bots
    • Scheduled tasks:

      • Allow to execute certain tasks at certain times.
      • Used for Reporting: Allows to send reports periodically with the informarmition of the lasts auctions and the actions the bots has been taking.
      • Used for Autoclaiming: Allows the bots to claim their funds of past auctions so they can reuse them in the upcoming ones.

    For aditional information and for reference, check out the following repositories:

    Run it in Rinkeby

    Cli - Command Line Interface

    Use the CLI:

    docker run \
      -e NODE_ENV=pre \
      -e ETHEREUM_RPC_URL= \
      -e RDN_TOKEN_ADDRESS=0x7e2331beaec0ded82866f4a1388628322c8d5af0 \
      -e OMG_TOKEN_ADDRESS=0xc57b5b272ccfd0f9e4aa8c321ec22180cbb56054 \
      gnosispm/dx-services:staging \
      yarn cli -- \
        state WETH-RDN

    In the previous command, notice that:

    • NODE_ENV: Stablish the environment. Valid values are dev, pre, pro.
    • ETHEREUM_RPC_URL: Ethereum node. i.e. http://localhost:8545 or
    • MARKETS: List of token pairs in the format: <token1>-<token2>[,<tokenN>-<tokenM>]*, i.e. WETH-RDN,WETH-OMG
      • For every token, you must provide also it's address using an environment variable with the name: <token>__TOKEN_ADDRESS. i.e. RDN_TOKEN_ADDRESS.
      • WETH, MGN and OWL Tokens are part of the Dutch X Mechanism, so you don't have (and shouldn't) provice an address for them.
    • gnosispm/dx-services:staging: Is the name of the Docker image. staging is the image generated out of the master branch. You can checkout other images in
    • yarn cli: Is the npm script that will run the CLI
    • state WETH-RDN:
      • Is the command executed by the CLI.
      • There's a lot of commands
      • You can run many other commands, just run -h to get the complete list.
      • For more information about the CLI, check out the dx-examples-liquidity-bots project.

    Public API

    Start API:

    docker run \
      -e NODE_ENV=pre \
      -e ETHEREUM_RPC_URL= \
      -e RDN_TOKEN_ADDRESS=0x7e2331beaec0ded82866f4a1388628322c8d5af0 \
      -e OMG_TOKEN_ADDRESS=0xc57b5b272ccfd0f9e4aa8c321ec22180cbb56054 \
      -p 8080:8080 \
      gnosispm/dx-services:staging \
      yarn api

    To check out the Public API, just open http://localhost:8080 in any Browser.

    In the previous command, notice that it has a similar configuration as in the CLI run, with the difference of:

    • -p 8080:8080: It tells Docker to expose the container port 8080 (the API one) in the host machine.
    • yarn api: NPM script used to run the Public API.

    For more information about the Public API, checkout:

    Liquidity Bots

    Start bots:

    docker run \
      -e MNEMONIC="super secret thing that nobody should know ..." \
      -e NODE_ENV=pre \
      -e ETHEREUM_RPC_URL= \
      -e RDN_TOKEN_ADDRESS=0x7e2331beaec0ded82866f4a1388628322c8d5af0 \
      -e OMG_TOKEN_ADDRESS=0xc57b5b272ccfd0f9e4aa8c321ec22180cbb56054 \
      -p 8081:8081 \
      gnosispm/dx-services:staging \
      yarn bots

    To check out the Bots API, just open http://localhost:8081 in any Browser.

    In the previous command, notice that it has a similar configuration as in the Public API run, with the difference of:

    • MNEMONIC: Allows to setup the bots account used to sign the transactions.
    • -p 8081:8081: The Bots API it's exposed on port 8081.
    • yarn bots: NPM Script used to run the Liquidity Bots.

    For more information about the Bots, check out the dx-examples-liquidity-bots project.


    Run a local node and setup

    yarn install
    npm run rpc
    npm run setup

    Public API

    Start API:

    npm run api

    Liquidity Bots

    Start Bots:

    npm run bots

    CLI - Command Line Interface

    Use the bot-cli:

    npm run cli

    Some examples:

    • npm run cli -- state WETH-RDN
    • npm run cli -- send 0.5 WETH 0x627306090abaB3A6e1400e9345bC60c78a8BEf57
    • npm run cli -- deposit 0.5 WETH
    • npm run cli -- deposit 150 RDN
    • npm run cli -- sell 100 WETH-RDN
    • npm run cli -- buy 100 RDN-WETH

    cli2 (Deprecated)

    The cli2, is deprectated, but it still has some methods that were not migrated to the new cli (they are methods used testing during development).

    Use the bot-cli2:

    npm run cli2

    Some examples:

    • npm run cli2 -- --balances
    • npm run cli2 -- --approve-token RDN
    • npm run cli2 -- --deposit WETH,100
    • npm run cli2 -- --time 0.5


    This project is released under MIT License

    Security and Liability

    All the code is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

    Feedback, suggestions, collaborations

    Please, let us know any typo or error in the project or documentation.

    Any idea, proposal or colaboration will be welcome.

    Also, you are encouraged to participate in the Gitter Channel for the Dutch X.





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