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A node script that compiles dust files in an input directory to an output directory


$ npm install dustjscompile
//to be able to use the 'dustjscompile' command anywhere, install globally with:
$ npm install -g dustjscompile
  • Precompilation of dustjs templates (
  • Build a single file from a directory of uncompiled templates
dustjscopmile uncompiledDirectory compiledDirectory [concatFile]

If you have the following file structure


Your usage would be:

dustjscompile /public/templates/ /public/compiledTemplates/

If you want to have all of the compiled templates concatenated into a single file , pass a 3 parameter:

dustjscompile /public/templates/ /public/compiledTempates/ /public/bundle.js

This will create 'bundle.js'