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Dust @message Helper

Renders content, piping it back through dust's compiler to resolve variable references. The features supported are roughly the same as Kraken's localizr and older makara modules.

It supports @pre as its tag as well, to support the exact templates already used with those modules.

It looks in a Yahoo dust-intl-helper compatible place in the context object for strings.

How to use it

In your dust templates, like so:

{@message type="content" key="greet.happy" /}

And rendered with a context like this:

dust.render('template', { intl: { messages: { "greet.happy": "Hello, {who}!" } }, who: "world" }, function (err, out) {

Will give output Hello, world!

In-place editing support

To support in-place editing translation systems, <edit> tags can be emitted around content. If you pass enableMetadata: true to the helper module's options, <edit> tags will surround content strings. Those used in contexts where HTML is inappropriate (such as inside attributes) can disable this on a case by case basis with noEdit="true" in the helper tag.

Differences from localizr

  • No support for newlines in attribute values in tags. No more {@pre sep="\r\n" /}, for example.
  • Attribute values must be quoted. {@pre type=content /} must now be {@pre type="content" /}


npm i dust-message-helper

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