generic, socketed HTML5 interface for digital signal processing with sliders and exponents

Generic DSP Interface

Require this generic HTML5 / Touch compatible web socket interface. It returns two arrays, which valaues you can change in your browser.

POSTED: This is a slow, string transporting, pseudo midi signal. The GUI is a clumsy, DOM based implementation with non-continunous values. And I traded multi-touch + non working range sliders for single touch capable sliders that actually work! So it works on the ipad.

Future version will sweet tho: binary transprt, real midi, canvas face, continuous value ranges.

The interface has 10 range sliders, and 8 corresponding exponents buttons.

var gui = require('dsp-interface');

gui.start(5001); // optional port, defaults to 8012

gui.line // a length 10 array
gui.exp // a length 10 array ([0] and [1] do are empty, do not use);

line3 = gui.line[2]
line3exp = gui.exp[2]

  return Math.sin(time * Math.PI * (line1 * Math.pow(10, line3exp)))

You can set your initial values

var mui = require('dsp-interface');

var values = [1,1,-10,1,1,1,1,1,1,1]; // there are 10 range sliders

var exponents = [0,0,1,1,2,2,3,3,3,3]; // only 8 lines have exponent switches. The first two indecies will always be zero!!!!!!

mui.start(5001, values, exponents)

the interface will start at those values, and will remember previous settings if you refresh that tab!

line[0] and line[1] return values 0,...,11 inclusive to correspond with either cranking it past ten, or for 12 octaves for each of the 12 note classes in the western scale. Why 12 octaves? You can't hear 7 hertz, but you can feel it!

line[2] returns range [-12, 12] inclusive

lines 3-9 return values 0-9.9 at intervals of 0.1.

ui.exp channels all return values 0-3, meant to be used to define the exponent for the their corresponding channels values. exp[0] and exp[1] are always zero.

npm install dsp-interface


  • Add incr / decr buttons to range sliders
  • Add on/off punch buttons
  • Add placeholders for values you want to come back to