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Node.js mini http server for frontend dev


Node.js mini http server for frontend development. Compiles Jade templates and Stylus CSS on the fly. Serves static files (e.g. images, video) as-is.

It's a quick & dirty hack... could use several improvements :)

npm install dserv -g
dserv [PORT]
  • Serves files under the current directory, on port 8000 by default.
  • Request foo.html -> render foo.jade
  • Request bar.css -> compile bar.styl as needed
  • LESS
  • CoffeeScript
  • ...
  • subdir indexes (eg. request foo/ -> render foo/index.jade)
  • if no index.* file, list files w/
  • connect.favicon
  • trim dependencies? is Express overkill? Connect??
  • Windows support?

quickserve - static only tserv - static only paperserve - static only?