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Promise-base NodeJS REST wrapper for Drupal Services 3.x API.

Drupal Services

A pretty simple promise-based wrapper for using the Drupal 7 Services 3.x API. Request and response uses JSON.

Handles session cookie, user token and x-csrf headers.

NOTE Major API changes in this version!!

Coffeescript example:

{Service} = require 'drupal-services'
endpoint =
    protocol: 'https'
    auth: 'user:password'
    hostname: ''
    pathname: '/myendpoint'
service = new Service endpoint
# Query node resource
.index '/node'
.then (results) ->
    console.log results
# If user needs to be logged in, using factory method:
.factory endpoint
.login 'user', 'password'
.then (user) ->
    # Retreive a node
    service.retreive 'node', 1
.then (node) ->
    console.log node

I still need to write some more tests :)