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WARNING! This framework is currently in very early development, it may be broken or may break at any time.

DrumKit is a plugin-powered, full-stack Web development framework for Node.js.


DrumKit is dependent on Node.js and NPM. If you have both, you can install DrumKit globally:

npm install -g drumkit

It is important to install this globally so that you have access to the drumkit command across your system. All DrumKit modules on the other hand will be installed locally in each of your DrumKit projects.

Getting Started

DrumKit will bootstrap a project directory for you with the create command:

cd ~/myapps
drumkit create new-app

This will generate a DrumKit application in ~/myapps/new-app and will use npm to install your dependencies. Once your app is installed, you can start the server:

cd new-app
drumkit start

By default, your app will be running at http://localhost:8080.

Running the Console

You also can interact with your code in a REPL by firing up the console:

cd path/to/your/app
drumkit console

Now Build Your App!

  1. Build models with dk-model (see also dk-model-couchdb and dk-couchdb).

  2. Build view templates and helpers with dk-template.

  3. Build routes with dk-routes.

  4. Check out these other DrumKit plugins:

  1. Build your own plugins with drumkit plugin [pluginName]