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drty -- A django port for node.js


drty is a port of the most excellent Django web framework to node.js.

drty currently includes the following:

  • Urls/Routing
  • Middleware
  • Views
  • Basic forms
  • Basic models using MySQL backend
  • Sessions and Auth contrib
  • Django templating support (thanks to Anders Hellerup Madsen and Simon Willisons of djangode!)

It's a work in progress, so there is much yet to be done!


Installation is easy

$ npm install drty


Included in the source tree is an example/ folder that contains a simple blogging platform written using drty. To run the example, open up mysql as administrator (root), and type the following:

create database demo;
grant all on demo.* to 'demo'@'localhost' identified by 'demo';

Then, go to the examples/ directory and run.

$ node manage.js syncdb
$ node manage.js runserver

Now open a browser to http://localhost:8080/login/.