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This package contains the React-specific logic for Slate, which has been patched for use in Typeset/Dropdeck. It's separated further into a series of directories:

  • Components — containing the React components for rendering Slate editors.
  • Hooks — containing a few React hooks for Slate editors.
  • Plugins — containing the React-specific plugins for Slate editors.
  • Utils — containing a few private convenience modules.

Feel free to poke around in each of them to learn more!

Build and deployment

You build the package by running yarn build in the root of the slate repo. Once built, navigate into this repository and do the following:

npm login # if you haven't already; you need to login as an account with access to the dropdeck-slate-react project on NPM.js
npm publish --dry-run # to test that everything is working
npm publish # to publish the package; note this requires a one-time password from your authenticator app

Note: Make sure to update the version number in package.json before publishing.

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