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drag and drop file uploading with a single drop event


Drag and drop upload component providing each drop as a single event for easy filtering and custom precedence.

$ component install component/drop
  • normalizes all items and files into a single e.items array
  • auto-populates .string for string related items
  • walks directories (webkit only)

The e.items array contains File objects for file uploads, and regular objects for string related drops.

var drop = require('drop')
var el = document.querySelector('#drop')
drop(el, function(e){
  var items = e.items

Dropping files results in File objects with the following properties. When file(s) are uploaded via dropping a directory the .entry property is populated which allows you to reference item.entry.fullPath.

  • kind "file"
  • lastModifiedDate
  • name filename
  • size file size
  • type mime type
  • entry FileEntry object

Dropping strings or urls results in objects with the following properties:

  • kind "string"
  • type mime type
  • string value