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    Droopy PostMessage

    Wrapper for HTML5 PostMessage api to add support for callbacks and promises.


    Let's say you have 2 web apps, and want to iframe App B inside of App A (maybe you have a Wordpress site and want to embed a widget hosted by a separate custom web application). For security reasons, windows can not communicate cross-origin. So your IFramed custom widget will not be able to access window.top values. To solve this problem we have the HTML5 PostMessage API.

    The native PostMessage API is very simple and only allows passing a message string and a target window. Droopy PostMessage builds on this native capability to allow sending javascript objects and handles querying another window and waiting for a response (through callbacks or promises).

    Install & Setup

    Option 1: Node.js Prereq: Install Node.js, go for highest version.

    #Install the droopy-postmessage module in your project
    npm install --save droopy-postmessage

    Option 2: Global Include

    1. Download the source code and include it on your page:

    Last, you need to include droopyPostMessage.js on both pages, the parent page, and the iframed page.


    • droopyPostMessage.subscribe(key, handler) - allows a page to listen for a particular key
    • droopyPostMessage.unsubscribe(key, handler) - disables the handler function that is bound to that key
    • droopyPostMessage.post(targetWindow, key, payload) - sends a message to another window. If the targeted window has subscribed to the key, the targeted window's handler will receive the payload
    • droopyPostMessage.postParent(key, payload) - syntax sugar that calls .post() with window.top as the target window
    • droopyPostMessage.query(targetWindow, key, payload, cb)- sends a message to another window with the expectation that the target window is listening for that event key and will respond back. The cb function will be invoked when the target window responds. If the browser supports Promises, a Promise will be returned as an alternative to a callback
    • droopyPostMessage.queryParent(key, payload, cb) - syntax sugar that calls .query() with window.top as the target window.

    Example Usage

    Parent Window - has a global variable _privateNumber, and an IFramed widget. The parent window trusts the IFramed widget and wants to allow it to get and set the _privateNumber

    window._privateNumber = 0;
    var handlers = {
        setNumber: function(event, newNumber) {
            // Update with a value passed from the IFramed Page
            window._privateNumber = newNumber;
        getNumber: function(event) {
            // Send a response back to the IFramed page
    // Listen for the iframed window to send a message
    droopyPostMessage.subscribe("get-number", handlers.getNumber);
    droopyPostMessage.subscribe("set-number", handlers.setNumber);

    IFramed Window - The IFamed window wants to be able to send messages to the parent to get and set the private number

    // This will throw an ERROR if cross-origin
    var number = window.top._privateNumber
    // Tell the parent window to update the number
    droopyPostMessage.postParent("set-number", 5);
    // Get the number from the parent window
    droopyPostMessage.queryParent("get-number", null, function(num) {
        console.log("This number should be 5: " + num);
    // PROMISE instead of callback
    droopyPostMessage.queryParent("get-number").then(function(num) {
        console.log("This number should be 5: " + num);


    npm i droopy-postmessage

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