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This is an HTTP Protocol Adapter for the Droonga Engine.



If both this and fluentd are running on the same machine, you can run this easily.

$ npm install -g droonga-http-server
$ droonga-http-server

Otherwise, you have to specify pairs of host and port to send messages to the fluentd and to receive messages from the fluentd.

$ droonga-http-server \
    --droonga-engine-host-name "" \
    --droonga-engine-port 24224 \
    --receive-host-name ""


Frontend applications can call HTTP APIs to access resources stored in the droonga. For example:

GET /droonga/tables/entries?query=foobar HTTP/1.1

It works as a search request, and a JSON string will be returned as the result.


The MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

Copyright (c) 2014 Droonga project