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  • AR Drone
  • NodeJS


  • Download and unzip repository
  • npm install


  • Connect internet via LAN cable, not wifi
  • Start AR Drone
  • Connect to AR Drone's wifi
  • Open node repl
  • > require("./copter").setup()
  • Run commands from list mentioned below
  • Land

Command List

  • e(): Disable Emergency (turn the lights green if they're red)

  • t(): Take off

  • l(): Land. Landing sends an email with flight duration, if configured in copter.js

  • s(): Stop the current motion and hover

  • u(): Start rising up

  • d(): Start lowering to ground

  • ff(): Start moving to front

  • bb(): Start moving backwards

  • ll(): Start moving to left (strafe, not turn)

  • rr(): Start moving to right (strafe, not turn)

  • w(): Wave animation

  • gl(): Move swiftly to left and stop

  • gr(): Move swiftly to right and stop

  • gf(): Move swiftly forward and stop

  • gb(): Move swiftly backward and stop

  • fa(): Flip ahead (just lovely)

  • fb(): Flib Backward

  • fl(): Flip Left

  • fr(): Flip Right

  • yd(): Yaw Dance

  • pd(): Phi Dance

  • td(): Theta Dance

  • ptm(): Phi Theta mixed (it's nice)

  • dptm(): Double Phi Theta mixed

  • data(): Get mailed a copy of current navigation data (need to put your email in copter.js)

  • testMail(): Check if sending mail is even working

Tested in Mac OS.