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Headless ORM for NodeJS, TypeScript and JavaScript 🚀


What's Drizzle?

Drizzle is a modern TypeScript ORM developers wanna use in their next project. It is lightweight at only ~7.4kb minified+gzipped, it's tree shakeable with exactly 0 dependencies.

Drizzle supports every PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite databases, including serverless ones like Turso, Neon, Xata, PlanetScale, Cloudflare D1, FlyIO LiteFS, Vercel Postgres, Supabase and AWS Data API. No bells and whistles, no rust binaries, no serverless adapters, everything just works out of the box.

Drizzle is serverless-ready by design, it works in every major JavaScript runtime like NodeJS, Bun, Deno, Cloudflare Workers, Supabase functions, any Edge runtime and even in Browsers.
With Drizzle you can be fast out of the box, save time and costs while never introducing any data proxies into your infrastructure.

While you can use Drizzle as a JavaScript library, it shines in the TypeScript. It lets you declare SQL schema and build both relational and SQL-like queries, while keeping the balance between type-safety and extensibility for toolmakers to build on top.


While Drizzle ORM remains a thin typed layer on top of SQL, we made a set of tools for people to have best possible developer experience.

Drizzle comes with a powerful Drizzle Kit CLI companion for you to have hasstle-free migrations. It can generate SQL migration files for you or apply schema changes directly to the database.

And we have a Drizzle Studio for you to effortlessly browse and manipulate data in your database of choice.


Check out the full documentation on the website

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