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Drill Sergeant

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Keep track and get notified when github pull requests become stale. This is particularly useful for teams utilizing the github flow. This will send a report to a specified email (or emails) of any pull requests that are over the specified stale time.

As of 0.1.0, Drill Sergeant can also be configured (with the -l, --label command) to label the PRs as Stale.

Screen shot


npm install -g drill-sergeant


This is intended to be run via a crontab or other scheduled task runner.

A typical command line run:

export GITHUB_TOKEN='<your token here>'
$ drillsergeant -e "youremail@address" -r "user/repository,user/repository2"

If you want it to label the PR as stale:

$ drillsergeant -l -r "user/repository"


The environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN must be set with a valid github oauth token in order to read the pull requests. For attaching labels, the token needs to have write access to the repo being scanned.


See drillsergeant -h for all available options.