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Logging module for node.js apps. Baked with opinions. Domain-aware. See an open lane. Get to the basket.


 npm install dribble


Dribble is a singleton, event emitter-based module geared for the development of large applications.


Simple Case

var dribble = require('dribble');

// log a message'I got the ball'); //prints "I got the ball"

// log an error
dribble.error('Dropped it!',new Error('Turnover'));

Group/prefix your messages, ala'Lebron');'Bring it up the floor'); //prints "Lebron::Bring it up the floor"'Pass the ball'); //prints "Lebron::Pass the ball"'DWade');'I got it!'); //prints "Lebron/DWade::I got it!"

dribble.groupEnd('Lebron');'Pulling up for a shot');  //prints "DWade::..."

dribble.groupEnd('DWade');'Blocked by Noah!!!');  //prints "Blocked by Noah!!!"