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My gulp tasks... under development, use at your own risks do not use!


Operative is released under the WTFPL

How it works ?

This will bump your package, commit changes and add a tag. Before commits are pushed to repo, your javascript source files will be yuidoc'd and pushed to your gh-pages branch...

Your gulpfile.js###

var gulp = require('gulp');

In your console, type gulp release:ghpages -patch Replace "patch" with "minor" or "major", according to your semver.

Available tasks

  • doc:build
  • doc:move
  • doc:checkoutGhPages
  • doc:copy
  • doc:commit
  • doc:push
  • doc:checkoutMaster
  • doc:publish
  • version:bump
  • version:commit
  • version:tag
  • version:bumptag
  • version:push
  • version:full
  • release:ghpages
  • release:docs
  • release:default