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    Drawn Line CSS paintWorklet

    Text showing a wobbly underline, that looks almost hand-drawn

    This really simple paint worklet allows you to draw a horizontal line at the bottom of elements that looks hand-drawn, ish. I made this mostly because I really wanted to have a hand-drawn look for my text-underlines. That's also the reason for why you can't customize for every possible situation. But you could just take the code in worklet.js and adopt it to your liking!

    Install it to your project

    Paste ye olde npm code into the semi-transparent dark window of your choice:

    npm i drawn-line-paint-worklet

    And then process the files further to your liking. If you don't do that in your project, going the NPM route is not the way to go. Instead, copy and paste the code, or utilize the CDN.

    Via CDN

    <script src="https://unpkg.com/drawn-line-paint-worklet@1.0.0/dist/worklet.js"></script>

    Make sure to also register the custom properties. See instructions further below.

    Adding the Paint Worklet

    If you have the files available to you locally, you can rely on register.js to do everything:

    <script type="module" src="register.js"></script>

    The type="module" may not be needed, depending of whether and how you process the file(s) in your project. This is not gonna be possible to do with

    register.js registers the paint worklet and it registers the CSS custom properties via CSS.registerProperty() that you can use to adjust the line generation. This is important, because the CSS typed OM allows for intuitive and easy processing of values.

    You can of course do this yourself, if you'd like to do so. In that case, refer to the worklet.js file for the paint worklet code and refer to the properties.js, or take them to CSS and register them in CSS with @property instead - whatever you prefer. But make sure that you do not skip the step of registering the custom properties in some way, otherwise the worklet will not work correctly.

    Custom Properties

    These are the properties that the paint worklet registers:

    property purpose default
    --drawn-line-color <color> - set a color for the line black
    --drawn-line-strength <length> - set the thickness of the line 2px
    --drawn-line-wiggle <integer> - adjust how wiggly the line is 1
    --drawn-line-curve-range <length> - set how high the line can wiggle to the top 1px
    --drawn-line-segment-size <length> - set the size of an individual segment, in which curves are being generated 12px


    npm i drawn-line-paint-worklet

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