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About this project

This "stage" component enables the user select elements, drag and drop them, resize them.

A component like this will be useful to the developer building any tool which includes a WYSIWYG.

This project is maintained, has very few dependencies and is used in Silex website builder

Here is a very simple example.


  • [x] move and resize elements
  • [x] supports absolute position as well as elements in the flow
  • [x] multi selection
  • [x] shift + resize will keep proportions
  • [x] shift + move to stay aligned
  • [x] drawing mode, which let the user select multiple elements easily or draw a new element on the stage
  • [x] hooks give you full control over what is selectable, draggable, droppable, resizeable, a drop zone
  • [x] events to be notified of every action of the user
  • [x] scroll when the user moves near the border of the stage, or to show a specific element
  • [x] handle the events outside the iframe (the user can drag an element and release the mouse outside the iframe)
  • [x] sticky elements
  • [ ] vote and submit feature requests

Here is a list of features which is the current road map (please vote with 👍s).


See the online demo and its sources: html here and js here.

The component can be initialized like this, which will make it possible to select, move and resize all the elements marked with the .selectable css class.

// All the div in the iframe
const iframe = document.querySelector('#iframe')
const stage = new Stage(iframe, iframe.contentDocument.querySelectorAll('div'))

The iframe is where you add elements with the .selectable, .draggable, .resizeable, .droppable css classes, which can then be moved and resized.

Your application can catch events and store the new style of the elements after a drop.

stage.on('drop', e => {
	console.log('elements have been moved or resized, store their new styles if you wish', e.elements);

By default the elements which can be dragged or moved are those with the CSS classes .selectable,.draggable, .resizeable but you can override this as follow. The .droppable CSS class can be overrided too:

const stage = new Stage(iframe, {
	isSelectable: (el) => el.classList.contains('selectable'),
	isDroppable: (el, selection) => el.classList.contains('droppable'),


The build requires nodejs and npm, and it produces these files:

  • pub/stage.js, which you need to include in your project
  • pub/stage.css, which will be included in the iframe to draw the UI
  • pub/demo.html, which is a demo page for you to test the component

Run npm install and npm run build to build these files.


This component only depenency is the redux library.

It uses Typescript to compile to Javscript and less to compile to CSS. Also the unit tests are written with Jest.


Please vote for the features which matter to you here.

If you want to contribute code, read this readme for an introduction to the source code. And then you can help fixing the issues found in the code by Code Climat or find things to do in these issues which need to be done.

The source code is written in ES2015 with less and jade.




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