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    Draft.js to Markdown to Draft.js converter

    Converts rich text content between Draft.js blocks and Markdown.

    Reasoning and background

    This library exists because I needed a highly customisable rich text editor which posts to an external API in Markdown. Draft.js to the rescue! It provides the editor state but, alas, doesn't ship with any sort of conversion to or from markdown. So, I've written my own.


    npm install draftjs-md-converter


    The following inline styles are supported:

    • bold
    • italic
    • H1 - H6

    The following block styles are supported:

    • ordered list
    • unordered list
    • block quote

    The following media types are supported:

    • images
    • videos (with draft-js-video-plugin, parsing can be done using remark-shortcodes)


    Converting from Markdown to Draft.js

    mdToDraftjs(markdown: String): RawDraftContentState

    Use convertToRaw from the draft-js library to convert the resulting RawDraftContentState into a draft-js ContentState.

    Custom inline styles and block styles

    The default supported inline styles:

      Strong: {
        type: 'BOLD',
        symbol: '__'
      Emphasis: {
        type: 'ITALIC',
        symbol: '*'

    The default supported block styles:

      List: 'unordered-list-item',
      Header1: 'header-one',
      Header2: 'header-two',
      Header3: 'header-three',
      Header4: 'header-four',
      Header5: 'header-five',
      Header6: 'header-six',
      CodeBlock: 'code-block',
      BlockQuote: 'blockquote'

    Inline styles and block styles can be extended or overridden by passing a custom styles object as a second optional argument to mdToDraftjs, e.g.

    const markdown = "Some `markdown` with ~~deleted~~ text";
    const myCustomStyles = {
      inlineStyles: {
        Delete: {
          type: "STRIKETHROUGH",
          symbol: "~~",
        Code: {
          type: "CODE",
          symbol: "`",
      blockStyles: {
        CustomBlock: "custom-block",
    const content = mdToDraftjs(markdown, myCustomStyles);

    The keys to the inlineStyles object should be valid AST node types.

    Converting from Draft.js to Markdown

    draftjsToMd(rawData: RawDraftContentState): String

    Use convertFromRaw from the draft-js library to get the raw RawDraftContentState to then pass into the converter.

    Custom dictionaries

    The default Markdown dictionary is

      BOLD: '__',
      ITALIC: '*'

    The inline styles can be extended or overridden by passing a custom dictionary object as a second optional argument to draftjsToMd, e.g.

    const myMdDict = {
      BOLD: "**",
      STRIKETHROUGH: "~~",
    const markdown = draftjsToMd(blocks, myMdDict);

    NOTE: at this point you cannot override block styles!


    import { mdToDraftjs, draftjsToMd } from 'draftjs-md-converter';
    import { EditorState, ContentState, convertToRaw, convertFromRaw } from 'draft-js';
    constructor(props) {
      // some default value in markdown
      const defaultValue = this.props.defaultValue;
      const rawData = mdToDraftjs(defaultValue);
      const contentState = convertFromRaw(rawData);
      const newEditorState = EditorState.createWithContent(contentState);
      this.state = {
        editorState: newEditorState,
      this.onChange = (editorState) => {
        this.setState({ editorState });
    getMarkdown() {
      const content = this.state.editorState.getCurrentContent();
      return draftjsToMd(convertToRaw(content));

    Run tests

    npm test

    Run tests with a watcher

    npm run test-dev


    npm run lint


    npm i draftjs-md-converter

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