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    Azure IoT DPS Symmetric Key Generator

    Helper tool to create device SAS key and/or connection string.


    node.js version 8+


    npm i -g dps-keygen


    dps-keygen <args>
    -di:<deviceId> : device id
    -dk:<deviceKey> : device primary or secondary key
    -mk:<masterKey> : admin primary or secondary key
    -si:<scopeId> : scope id
    -mr:<uri> : model repository uri
    -mc:<uri> : model capability uri. Leave blank if its value is similar to model rep. uri.
    -mi:<modelId> : model id

    Calculating a device key from admin/master key

    This operation doesn't require an active connection. However, you will need the master/admin (primary/secondary) key at your presence.

    Device Id below is up to you. Make sure it's unique.

    dps-keygen -mk:put_master_key_here -di:ie_dev1

    Retrieve hub connection string [deprecated]

    The connection string retrieval feature is deprecated. On January 31st 2020 this feature will no longer be available in this tool. IoT Central best practice is to use DPS (Device Provisioning Service) for connecting devices. You can find more details about connecting to IoT Central with DPS at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-central/core/concepts-connectivity

    dps-keygen -di:dev1 -dk:devicekeyhere -si:scopeidhere


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    npm i dps-keygen

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