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A client for data package registry


A client (dpm) for the data registry.


$ dpm --help

dpm <command> [options] where command is:
  - install   <datapackage name>[@<version>] [-f, --force] [-c, --cache]
  - publish
  - unpublish <datapackage name>[@<version>]
  - adduser
  - owner <subcommand> where subcommand is:
    - ls  <datapackage name>
    - add <user> <datapackage name>
    - rm  <user> <datapackage name>[@<version>]
  - search [search terms]

  -f, --force    just do it
  -c, --cache    store the resources content on the disk in a data/ directory
  -h, --help     print usage
  -v, --version  print version number

You can also use dpm programaticaly.

var Dpm = require('dpm-stan');
var dpm = new Dpm(conf);

See bin/dpm for examples.