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Code Resource for deployd

Current Version

This is a custom deployd resource type allows you to write code that can be required by other resources.


In your app's root directory, type npm install dpd-codemodule --save into the command line or download the source. This should create a dpd-codemodule directory in your app's node_modules directory.

See Installing Modules for details.


You can write your reusable code inside the Index event. Follow nodejs module conventions by using exports.somename = ...;. See nodejs modules documentation for more details.

Later on in your event code, you can use:

var myCodeModule = requireModule('coderesourcename'); and you will have access to the code shared by the module.

This resource explicitly adds the requireModule(name) global function which acts as a helper function for finding the proper path of the module.

Alternatively, you can use something like require('../../resources/coderesourcename').