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Real-time imageboard. MIT licensed.


  • Install dependencies listed below
  • Copy config.js.example to config.js and configure
  • Copy hot.js.example to hot.js and configure
  • Copy imager/config.js.example to imager/config.js and configure
  • Run npm install to install npm deps and compile a few helpers
  • Run node builder.js to run an auto-reloading development server


  • Have your webserver serve www/ (or wherever you've moved src, thumb, etc.)
  • Run node server/server.js for just the server
  • config.DAEMON support is broken for now
  • Be sure to make client for any client-affecting change


  • ImageMagick
  • node.js
  • redis

Optional npm deps for various features:

  • daemon (broken currently)
  • icecast now-playing banners: node-expat
  • send (if you want to serve static files directly from the node.js process; useful in debug mode also)