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Hi, I'm Douglas.

I fetch npm packages and install them as ready to roll projects.

When I fetch an npm package, I empty it's contents to your current directory - along with all dependencies.

I'm perfect for seed projects, demos, and simple project scaffolding.


Install me globally

npm i -g douglas

Now I'm on your command line.

Or if you just need me semi-frequently, you can just skip the global install and use via npx.

Let's find an npm package.


If globally installed:

douglas get doug-test

Or if not installed globally...

npx douglas get doug-test

Douglas goes off an installs doug-test + dependencies, moves the contents to the current directory, and then removes doug-test from node_modules.


To publish a project, use

douglas publish

This clones your package.json and names it _package.json.

What's with the _package.json I hear you ask...

When douglas fetches a package - it replaces the package.json (that has been altered through the publishing process) with _package.json (which doesn't undergo any changes).

Fun fact: You can still douglas get any npm package, even if it doesn't have a _package.json, but you'll notice a far more verbose package.json due to all the the things that the npm publish process adds in.

Some tips when publishing

Remember to bump your version in package.json before publishing.

Also - make sure you include the keyword douglas to your package.json or even prepend your npm package with doug- or douglas- e.g. doug-test. Or douglas-test.

This just makes douglas packages easier to find.

When you're ready...

douglas publish


npm i douglas

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