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Double Under

Double Under is a node.js utility that allows for shared objects between different node processes and machines. It is backed by redis using a pub/sub channel.

It is simple and fun to use.

var __ = require('double-under');
// configure redis host before using 
  host: 'localhost'
// variables are shared based on namespace 
var foo = __('foo');
foo.set('double', 'decker');
// baz is now propogated to every 
// process on every machine 
// you only have to use set the first time 
foo.double = 'under'; // this works 


  • Add mutexes/semaphores or something to prevent race conditions.

  • Add atomic pop/push for arrays.

  • Allow atomic update of fields in sub objects.

  • Add expire option

  • Add a test suite.