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A small utility for quickly creating dotfiles in a project.

Currently supports creating:

  • .gitignore
  • .travis.yml
  • .editorconfig
  • .jshintrc


npm install --global dotty-cli

Dotty works by looking for templates for each file type you want to create. The default location is ~/.dotty. In there it expects to find a folder for each filetype, with a number of templates inside. For example:


If you ask Dotty to generate a file but do not tell it which template to use, it will use "default". To create a .gitignore file for example, you would do:

dotty --gi

Which would create a .gitignore file in your current working directory, copying the file contents of ~/.dotty/.gitignore/default into it. If you wanted to use a different template, you could do:

dotty --gi node

Which would use the contents of ~/.dotty/.gitignore/node.

Of course, you can generate more than one file at once:

dotty --ec --tv node

That would generate:

  • .editorconfig, using the default template
  • .travis.yml, using the node template

Filetypes and their flags

  • .gitignore : --gi
  • .jshintrc : --jh
  • .travis.yml : --tv
  • .editorconfig : --ec