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A flow-control/threading HoF. The name was stolen from Clojure.


module.exports = function doto (target, steps, [callback])

Apply each function in steps to target in order. For example:

var assert = require('assert')
var doto   = require('doto')
var result = doto({}, [
  function (o) { o.someKey = 1 },
  function (o) { o.otherKey = o.someKey * 10 }
assert.deepEqual(result, {someKey: 1, otherKey: 10})

You may pass additional arguments to a step (other than target, which is always the first argument) by using an array instead of a function:

var set = function (o, k, v) { o[k] = v }
var result = doto({}, [
  [set, 'someKey', 1]
  function (o) { o.otherKey = o.someKey * 10 }

If a callback is provided, all steps are assumed to be asynchronous, and will receive a next function as their last argument:

doto({}, [loadUser, req.userId], [checkAuthorization, req], function (err, res) {
  // etc. etc.