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get/set api for .json files, like config files

usage example

var dotjson = require('dotjson')

// get the version from package.json
var version = dotjson.get('./node_modules/package.json', 'version')

// set some configuration options, creating the file if it doesn't exist
  powerLevel: 9001
, robotMorale: 'high and steady'
, isRaining: false
{createFile: true})


dotjson.get(filename, path)

Reads the contents of filename and returns the value of path. path can be a single path or an array of paths. if it's a single path, get returns it. if it's an array of paths, get returns an array of values in the same order, like If the path is not found, the value will be undefined.

Throws an error if there is a problem reading from the file.

dotjson.set(filename, setter, opts)

Opens filename and upserts it according to setter, an object map of paths and values. For example, if the config file currently contains {name: {first: 'alice', last: 'cooper'}}, then the following setter would update the config to refer to a certain reporter:

  'name.first': 'anderson'

Since setter is an object, you can specify multiple path/value pairs to set in one operation.

opts is an (optional) options object.


  • createFile (boolean, default false) - attempt to create the file if it does not already exist

Throws an error if there is a problem writing to the file.

Returns void.

path notation

This module uses mongodb dot notation for paths. It's simple, really - imagine you're writing javascript using only [] bracket accessor notation. Now do that, but with dots instead, including for array indices. See also @rauchg's module, dot-component.


run npm test from the root module directory

zomg, BLOCKING, wtf? o_O

Yes, it's meant for working with tiny json config files in cli scripts. If things like performance, memory usage, or concurrency are important, this might not be your module. If you just want to work with json config files with ease, read on.


MIT (c) 2012 jden - Jason Denizac