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dotjs-zen is dotjs with a node.js daemon and Browserify support. Unlike dotjs itself it does not use or include jQuery, but you're free to require('jquery'). For showing debugging information, run it with DEBUG='*'.


dotjs-zen serves bits of JavaScript from your ~/.js folder.

For, it'll look for ~/.js/, ~/.js/*.js, ~/.js/, ~/.js/*.js, ~/.js/com.js and ~/.js/com/*.js.

dotjs-zen uses Browserify to bundle all the scripts and the things they require() up and serves them to your browser.


You'll need node.js. You can install dotjs-zen through npm:

npm install -g dotjs-zen

Run djsd -d at startup somehow.

Install the Chromium/Chrome extension and start hacking the web.


djsd [-d [pidfile] [-l logfile]] [-h ~/.js] [-p port]