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    DOS Config

    Library to configure node apps. At its core uses DemocracyOS/config but with sane defaults.

    Keep your default configs on config/defaults.json, override them with config/{NODE_ENV}.json or with environment variables.

    Getting Started

    1 · Install it: npm install --save dos-config

    2 · Run the command: ./node_modules/.bin/dos-config-init. It will create the folder config with the most basic defaults.

    3 · Profit 🙌

    var config = require('dos-config')
    if (config.port) {
      console.log(`The server should run at port ${config.port}. Go code it now.`)

    Configuring your app

    First of all, dos-config will look for the config/defaults.json file, which will define the configuration structure with the default values.

    Here's a complete example, keep in mind that the keys of your json files should always be camelCase:

      "port": 3000,
      "mongoUrl": "mongodb://localhost/DemocracyOS-dev",
      "staff": [
      "connectionData": {},
      "auth": {
        "user": "Fring",
        "password": "always-be-secure-123!$"
    • The most primitive values are Integer or String. Which work as expected.
    • Array values can only have Strings inside.
    • The empty object {} means that it doesn't have a default value, but can be overriden by absolutely any JSON.

    After defining your defaults, you can override them using another json file on your current environment. For example, if you are on your development machine, create config/development.json and add there only the values you want to change (always remember to .gitignore this file!):

      "port": 8888,
      "connectionData": {
        "domain": "localhost",
        "port": 27099,
        "user": "root"

    Excellent! Now you only need to configure your production server.

    You have two options; first, do the same as development, but create the file config/production.json on your server, and make sure the NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production.

    The other and recommended option for production, is to use environment variables. Here's an example of all the variables you should set to override the previous example:

    CONNECTION_DATA='{"domain": "", "port": 3412}'
    • All the keys are transformed from camelCase to CONSTANT_CASE.
    • Nested values, just add a _, for example from auth.user as AUTH_USER.
    • Arrays should be divided by commas ,
    • And JSON values are a JSON string.

    DOS Config Options

    You can only configure the default location of your config folder setting the environment variable CONFIG_PATH, e.g: CONFIG_PATH=/usr/src/config. On that folder it will look for the defaults.json and optionally for the {NODE_ENV}.json.

    If you want something more flexible, just use





    npm i dos-config

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