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SSH login based on keys from composer.

How it works?

OpenSSH 6.2 introduced AuthorizedKeysCommand sshd_config option, which allows ssh daemon to invoke a command each time a login is attempted to fetch keys for the specific username. This is essentially how doorkeeper works - it fetches keys from composer service to find out which users should be allowed to SSH onto this machine.

Note: it doesn't support per-user authentication. All keys added to composer are valid.

How to set it up?

Put bin/doorkeeper somewhere (npm -g install might not work great due to permission issues) and add those 2 lines to your /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

AuthorizedKeysCommand <path-to-doorkeeper>
AuthorizedKeysCommandUser <user-you-want-doorkeeper-to-run-as>

Example from nodejitsu server:

AuthorizedKeysCommand /usr/bin/doorkeeper
AuthorizedKeysCommandUser root

doorkeeper needs a config file to know where composer service is running. It looks up 3 paths: /etc/doorkeeper, $HOME/.quillconf, /root/.quillconf.

Example config file:

  "remoteHost": "",
  "port": 9003

If no port is given, it defaults to 9003.

Please note that doorkeeper's config file format is identical to quill's, so if you have quill installed and configured, doorkeeper integration is seamless.