Doodle: watch JS files and reload pages via websocket

Command-line tool for making static web pages, save and reload.
Use Node to watch files, use websocket to notify the html page to reload.
The page gets the message an then reload automatically.

You can install doodle from npm by:

sudo npm install -g doodle

Then if the file(of directory) names "path-x", run this command:

doodle path-x

doodle will open a ws:// server at port 8071,
and put the doodle.js file at 8072.

You can add ether of these code to you html file to reload:

  1. add doodle.js into an <script> tag:

    :jade script(src='http://localhost:8072/doodle.js')

  2. or add javascript code by yourself:

    :coffeescript ws = new WebSocket 'ws://localhost:8071' ws.onmessage = (message) -> if is 'reload' do location.reload

check example/ directory for more details.