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    Doodle: watch JS files and reload pages via websocket

    Command-line tool for making static web pages, reload page on save.
    The page gets the message and then reload automatically.
    Connecting and reloading from a another computor is ok.


    You can install doodle from npm by:

    sudo npm install -g doodle

    Then run this command in your terminal to start waching,
    both files and directories are fine:

    doodle path1 path2 path3 dir1 dir2 dir3

    There are some options you may config,
    options are in the syntax of key:value, order is not required:

    • log, print log or not:
    doodle dir log:true
    doodle dir log:yes
    doodle dir log:on
    doodle log:on dir
    • port, the port serves doodle.js on http,
      by default, it's 7777:
    doodle dir port:7777
    • ws, the port websocket listens at,
      by default, it is options.http - 1:
    doodle dir port:7776
    • delay, the time between hear file change and trigger a callback,
      by default, it's 100
    doodle dir delay:200

    type doodle help: or doodle -h or doodle --help for the list.

    • http, enable HTTP server for client-side listening script by default, it's false

    • ext, specifies the filename extensions you want to listen

    doodle dir ext:js,css

    Client script

    • doodle-crx

    doodle will open a ws:// server at port,

    doodle-crx is recommanded if you are using chrome.

    • add script by hand

    You can add a <script> tag to you html file to reload,
    using a command option http:yes to put doodle.js file at options.port.
    the port corresponds to options.port:

    • copy the code

    coffee/ shows a demo for listening the ws events and reload, put it in you HTML and it would work.






    npm i doodle

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