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DOMni Search

A search bar component for filtering DOM nodes based on content.

Get Started

Include the script:

<script src=""></script>

Have a host input search element and a couple elements amongst which to search:

<input type="search" />
    <li>foo bar</li>
    <li>foo baz</li>
    <li>bar baz</li>

After the page is loades, construct an index of the searchable DOM elements:

var idx = new SearchIndex('div > li');
// Second parameter is a boolean for case sensitivity. Defaults to false (insensitive).

Optionally store some settings in an object:

var settings = {
    delay: 500, // ms to delay search after typing
    any: false // wether to look for elements that match any word

And then decorate your input as a Domni Search Bar:

var bar = new SearchBar('input[type=search]', idx, settings);

Reporting Bugs

If you have found any problems with this module, please:

  1. Open an issue.
  2. Describe what happened and how.
  3. Also in the issue text, reference the label ~bug.

We will make sure to take a look when time allows us.

Proposing Features

If you wish to get that awesome feature or have some advice for us, please:

  1. Open an issue.
  2. Describe your ideas.
  3. Also in the issue text, reference the label ~proposal.


If you have spotted any enhancements to be made and is willing to get your hands dirty about it, fork us and submit your merge request so we can collaborate effectively.

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