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A DOM constructor. Because sometimes you're just wantn' something simple.

Designed for quick DOM node construction. Compare it to Builder

SLOW DOWN -- still under much development -- not an accurate README yet

It works like this:

if (bowser.msie && bowser.version <= 6) {
  alert('Hello Doml');


npm install doml

Ender integration

If you don't already have Ender (an npm package) install it now (and don't look back)

$ npm install ender -g

To combine Doml to your Ender build, you can add it as such:

$ ender build doml[,modb, modc,...]

or, add it to your existing ender package

$ ender add doml

Doml requires Bonzo be in your Ender lib.

Use it like this:

if ($ {
  alert('Hello Silicon Valley');


If you want to build from src:

npm run-script boosh