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Key Bonder/Binder

This is a javascript library (both vallina and frameworks) for frontend that helps with keyboard binding .

This currently supports most keys in windows OS you can visit the Home page to check the key code for your machine


  • Your script need to be running on a web server, for development you could use,
    • live server extension is vscode
    • node npx server by running npx serve
    • to avoid errors like KeyBinder Cors error

How to use

Install and Import

Using Vallina javascript

<script src=""></script>

Using a framework

  • Install
npm i domkeybinder
  • Import
import KeyBinder from 'domkeybinder'

Initialize your controller object

  • Define your keyboard Controller
const keyController = new KeyBinder({
    default_listener: 'keyup', // can be keydown, keypress
    element: window, // can be any element or window eg `docmuent.querySelector('.myeditor')
    // case_sensitive:true, // this is if you want to make the listener case sensitive
    allow_default: true // this is set to default of false and prevents any default keyboard action
  • Add your listener

For easier and better coding experience it best to create a sub function like this

const ListenToKey = (key, => keyController.ListenToKey(key,

Then you can add listeners like this

ListenToKey('B+G', () => {
    //your code...

ListenToKey('shift+c', () => {
    //your code...

OR this

keyController.ListenToKey('enter', (data) => {
    //your code...

keyController.ListenToKey('ctrl+space', () => {
    //your code...

Diffrent Combination one action

This is if you want to one action(callback), tied to different combination

ListenToKey('ctrl+space', 'ctrl+m', () => {
    alert(`your called ${data.combination}`)
    document.querySelector('#scdiv').innerHTML += 'Do you mean Ctrl+c? try Ctrl+c'

Avaliable methods

method Description
ListenToKey Add new Listener
getCombinations Get all avaliable combinations
clear Remove all avaliable combinations
restore Restore all previous avaliable combinations

Check Our Test Website to see the avaliable key commands for

Key listener - Command
Control ctrl
Shift Shift
Alt Alt
A...Z A...Z
A...Z A...Z
> arrowup
1 !
1...9 1...9
f1...f9 f1...f9
Windows - Home Buttom meta
Listen to any other key ***


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