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    Simple DOM Selection

    Domdon builds on top of document.querySelectorAll() adding a small ammount of syntax sugar, to make your code a little cleaner and easier to read.

    The most basic use is very similar to how querySelector or querySelectorAll work.

    <div id="countries">  

    Against this html running:


    Would return the countries div.

    If there is only one element then DOM() will return that Node, if there is more than one element then DOM() will return an array of all the elements.


    Would return an Array (not a NodeList) containing all of the li elements.

    This makes it very easy to write stuff like this:

    DOM('li').forEach(li => = 'red')

    I have found this method to work really well as generally I tend to know the structure of the html. If for any reason you are not sure what will come back, then you can always use DOM.array() to make sure an array is returned.

    DOM.array('#countries').forEach(el => el.innerHTML = '')

    This will return an array no matter what, so even if nothing is found for that selector you can still run .filter .forEach .reduce on the results.

    var activeNoop = DOM.array('.noop').filter(el => el.classList.contains('active'));

    This code will run without error, and activeNoop will be undefined;


    npm i domdon

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