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    Generate documentation site of domain models from markdown sources

    domaindoc is a command line tool for creating documentation site of your domain models using markdown files.

    Getting Started

    First install it via npm:

    npm install domaindoc

    Then write markdown files for models like the below:


    name: User
    desc: The user model
      name: id
        type: string
        desc: The id of the user
      name: name
        type: string
        desc: The name of the user
    User represents an user account in the service.


    name: Item
    desc: The item model
      name: id
        type: string
        desc: The id of the item
      name: name
        type: string
        desc: The name of the item
    Item represents the item in the service. An user has 0 or more items.

    Then run the command domaindoc serve like the below:

    $ ./node_modules/.bin/domaindoc serve
    domaindoc [01:18:38] serving
    domaindoc [01:18:38] Reading: source/**/*.md
    domaindoc [01:18:38] Reading: source/**/*.md
    domaindoc [01:18:38] Reading: source/**/*.css
    domaindoc [01:18:38] Server started at:
    domaindoc [01:18:38] See debug info at:
    domaindoc [01:18:38] Ready: source/**/*.css
    domaindoc [01:18:38] Ready: source/**/*.md
    domaindoc [01:18:38] Ready: source/**/*.md

    Then access and you'll be seeing the documentation site:


    And when you finish modifying the source files, then hit the command domaindoc build like the below:

    $ ./node_modules/.bin/domaindoc build
    domaindoc [20:31:14] building
    domaindoc [20:31:14] done

    And then you get html documentation files in build/ directory.

    YAML Properties

    You can use properties in YAML front matter in the markdown sources.

    name type description
    name string The name of the model (required)
    type string The type of the model. e.g. Entity, ValueObject etc
    labels string[] The arbitrary labels of the model
    desc string The description of the model (required)
    src string The url of the source code of the model (optional)
    edit string The url of the edit page of the model document
    props Property[] The properties of the model (optional)

    Each Property object has the following properties in it.

    name type description
    name string The name of the property (required)
    type string The type of the property (required)
    desc string The description of the property (optional)

    Build Configuration

    domaindoc is configurable by creating .domaindoc.yml. You can configure the following properties:

    name type description
    dest string The destination dir
    source string The source directory
    title string The document title
    port number The dev server port number
    basepath string The basepath of the site
    loggerTitle string The title of the logger

    Example .domaindoc.yml:

    dest: doc/domain
    source: src/domain
    port: 50000
    title: My App Domain Models
    basepath: https://example.dom/domaindoc




    • 2018-06-13 v3.0.0 Update bulma. Add tags.
    • 2017-06-10 v2.8.0 Show owners in document.
    • 2017-05-01 v2.5.0 Improve multiple documents.
    • 2017-05-01 v2.4.0 Multiple document roots.
    • 2017-04-30 v2.3.1 Fix watch.
    • 2017-04-30 v2.3.0 Add logger title option.
    • 2017-04-26 v2.0.0 Switch config file to yaml format.
    • 2017-04-23 v1.8.0 Serve index page at directory root.




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