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Small module for fast and reliable DOM styling.

  • detects prefixes as necessary, cached for performance
  • converts numbers to px strings for common properties
  • normalizes for camel and dash case
var css = require('dom-css')

//set a style
css(element, 'position', 'absolute')

//will be set as "WebkitFontSmoothing" on Chrome
css(element, 'font-smoothing', 'none')

//set multiple styles
css(element, {
    //can be camel or dash case
    'background-color': 'blue',

    //some properties use 'px' by default
    left: 25, 
    top: 0,
    position: 'absolute'

See the special cases for a list of px-suffixed properties (same list is used in GreenSock API).



css(element, property, value)

Styles an element with the css property (dash or camel case) and a given value. value is a string, or a number to be suffixed with 'px' (special cases, see below).

css(element, styles)

A shorthand for setting multiple styles, where styles is an object containing property:value pairs.

special cases

The following properties are suffixed with 'px' when their value is specified as a number.

top, right, bottom, left, 
width, height, fontSize, 
paddingLeft, paddingRight, 
paddingTop, paddingBottom, 
marginLeft, marginRight, 
marginTop, marginBottom, 
padding, margin, perspective


Special thanks to Paul Irish's gist for the prefix detection (now part of Modernizr).

MIT, see for details.