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npm install dolphin-asset-manager-package --save


The factory has default methods:


  • addPromise - the plugin will wait for your resolve then will execute own logic
  • addVendorStyle - adding css content to vendor bundle
  • addVendorScript - adding js content to vendor bundle
  • addCustomStyles - adding css content to custom bundle
  • addCustomScript - adding js content to custom bundle
  • addAssetFolder - coping all assets

All files will copy and merge on 4 files:

  • vendor-hash.js
  • vendor-hash.css
  • custom-hash.js
  • custom-hash.css

and move to public folder in root project. Also will build a json file bundle.result.json for express to include js and css.


myModule.configureFactories(function (AssetManagerConfigurationFactory) {
    AssetManagerConfigurationFactory.addVendorStyle('path to file or mask like ./*.css');
    AssetManagerConfigurationFactory.addVendorScript('path to file or mask like ./*.js');
    AssetManagerConfigurationFactory.addCustomStyles('path to file or mask like ./*.css');
    AssetManagerConfigurationFactory.addCustomScript('path to file or mask like ./*.js');
    AssetManagerConfigurationFactory.addAssetFolder('path to file or mask like ./*');