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    Simple dokku toolchain inspired by Heroku toolbelt



    Before you can access the server you must put in your server hostname and remote username. You must run dok set command first.

    dok set <hostname> <username>

    Now you can run this!

    Note: after running the dok command it will ask you for your remote user's password

    dok run <dokku command>

    There is a list of all the commands you can run with dokku-alt at the bottom.

    To add a git remote just run

    dok add <appname>

    To push to the remote run

    dok push <branch>

    To remove the remote run

    dok remove

    note: you must be inside a git repository for this to work

    If you would like to remove the current server from the config.json file run

    dok clean


    To run the tests you just run

    npm install
    npm test

    Sample List of Dokku-alt commands

    Usage: dok COMMAND <app> [command-specific-options]
    access:add                                      Add admin user
    access:info <fingeprint>                        Show information about the key
    access:list                                     List all SSH keys: admins and deployments
    access:remove <fingerprint>                     Revoke all permissions for specific SSH key
    backup:export [file]                            Export dokku configuration files
    backup:import [file]                            Import dokku configuration files
    config <app>                                    Display the config vars for an app
    config:get <app> KEY                            Display a config value for an app
    config:set <app> KEY1=VALUE1 [KEY2=VALUE2 ...]  Set one or more config vars
    config:unset <app> KEY1 [KEY2 ...]              Unset one or more config vars
    create <app>                                    Create shallow app
    delete <app>                                    Delete an application
    deploy:allow <app>                              Allow push-access (aka. deployment) to an app
    deploy:list <app>                               List all push-acccesses for an application
    disable <app>                                   Disable specific app
    domains:get <app>                               Get domains for an app
    domains:redirect:get <app>                      Get redirect domains for an app
    domains:redirect:set <app> <domains...>         Set redirect app domains
    domains:set <app> <domains...>                  Set app domains
    enable <app>                                    Re-enable specific app
    enter <app>                                     Enter into currently running container
    exec <app> <cmd>                                Execute command in currently running container
    help                                            Print the list of commands
    htpasswd:add <app> <user>                       Add http-basic auth user
    htpasswd:disable <app>                          Remove http-basic Auth
    htpasswd:remove <app> <user>                    Remove user
    list                                            List app
    logs <app> [-t] [-f]                            Show the last logs for an application (-t or -f follows)
    manager:disable                                 Disable dokku-alt-manager application
    manager:enable                                  Enable dokku-alt-manager application
    manager:install [revision]                      Install and configure dokku-alt-manager
    manager:uninstall                               Uninstall and wipe dokku-alt-manager
    manager:upgrade [revision]                      Disable dokku-alt-manager application
    mariadb:console:admin                           Launch admin (be careful!)
    mariadb:console <app> <db>                      Launch console for MariaDB container
    mariadb:create <db>                             Create a MariaDB database
    mariadb:delete <db>                             Delete specified MariaDB database
    mariadb:dump <app> <db>                         Dump database for an app
    mariadb:info <app> <db>                         Display application informations
    mariadb:link <app> <db>                         Link database to app
    mariadb:list <app>                              List linked databases
    mariadb:restart                                 Restart MariaDB container (for example to switch image)
    mariadb:unlink <app> <db>                       Unlink database from app
    mongodb:console <app> <db>                      Launch console for MongoDB container
    mongodb:create <db>                             Create a MongoDB database
    mongodb:delete <db>                             Delete specified MongoDB database
    mongodb:dump <app> <db> <collection>            Dump database collection in bson for an app
    mongodb:export <app> <db> <collection>          Export database collection for an app
    mongodb:import <app> <db> <collection>          Import database collection for an app
    mongodb:info <app> <db>                         Display application informations
    mongodb:link <app> <db>                         Link database to app
    mongodb:list <app>                              List linked databases
    mongodb:restart                                 Restart MongoDB container (for example to switch image)
    mongodb:unlink <app> <db>                       Unlink database from app
    nginx:import-ssl <app>                          Imports a tarball from stdin; should contain server.crt and server.key
    plugins-install                                 Install active plugins
    plugins                                         Print active plugins
    plugins-update                                  Update active plugins
    postgresql:console:admin                        Launch admin console (be careful!)
    postgresql:console <app> <db>                   Launch console for PostgreSQL container
    postgresql:create <db>                          Create a PostgreSQL database
    postgresql:delete <db>                          Delete specified PostgreSQL database
    postgresql:dump <app> <db>                      Dump database for an app
    postgresql:info <app> <db>                      Display application informations
    postgresql:link <app> <db>                      Link database to app
    postgresql:list <app>                           List linked databases
    postgresql:restart                              Restart PostgreSQL container (for example to switch image)
    postgresql:unlink <app> <db>                    Unlink database from app
    preboot:cooldown:time <app> <secs>              Re-enable specific app
    preboot:disable <app>                           Stop specific app
    preboot:enable <app>                            Enable specific app
    preboot:status <app>                            Status of specific app
    preboot:wait:time <app> <secs>                  Restart specific app (not-redeploy)
    rebuild:all:force                               Remove all caches and rebuild all apps
    rebuild:all                                     Rebuild all apps
    rebuild <app> [ref]                             Rebuild an app (using optional ref)
    rebuild:force <app> [ref]                       Remove all caches and rebuild an app (using optional ref)
    redis:create <app>                              Create a Redis database
    redis:delete <app>                              Delete specified Redis database
    redis:info <app>                                Display application information
    restart <app>                                   Restart specific app (not-redeploy)
    run <app> <cmd>                                 Run a command in the environment of an application
    ssl:certificate <app>                           Pipe signed certifcate with all intermediates for an APP
    ssl:forget <app>                                Wipes certificate for an APP
    ssl:generate <app>                              Generate certificate signing request for an APP
    ssl:info <app>                                  Show info about certifcate and certificate request
    ssl:key <app>                                   Pipe private key for an APP
    ssl:selfsigned <app>                            Generate self-signed certificate an APP
    start <app>                                     Stop specific app
    status <app>                                    Status of specific app
    stop <app>                                      Stop specific app
    tag:add <app> <tag>                             Tag latest running image using specified name
    tag:list <app>                                  List all image tags
    tag:rm <app> <tag>                              Tag latest running image using specified name
    top <app> [args...]                             Show running processes
    url <app>                                       Show the URL for an application
    version                                         Print dokku's version
    volume:create <name> <paths...>                 Create a data volume for specified paths
    volume:delete <name>                            Delete a data volume
    volume:info <name>                              Display volume information
    volume:link <app> <name>                        Link volume to app
    volume:list:apps <name>                         Display apps linked to volume
    volume:list                                     List volumes
    volume:unlink <app> <name>                      Unlink volume from app


    npm i dokku-toolchain

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