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    This is a repository of Dojo 1 TypeScript Typings (including Dijit and DojoX).

    Currently, this repository does not include all the typings for Dijit and DojoX, although Dojo is currently fully covered. The aim is to cover all of Dijit and continue to accept any community contributions for DojoX.

    For other packages, because Dojo 2 is built on TypeScript its typings are inherent in its distrubution. The goal for affiliated Dojo 1 projects (like dgrid and dstore is that they will include typings as part of their repository.


    Because Dojo, Dijit and DojoX are such large and complex code bases, the repository tries to break it down into easier to maintain pieces that also allow easy additions, modifications, etc.

    Each major namespace is broken down into dojo, dijit and dojox directories, having the major version number in a sub directory within. Currently only Dojo 1.11 is included. These typings should work for most older versions of Dojo post 1.7, though it may include some functionality that is not present in those older releases.

    The ambient declarations that mirror the Dojo namespaces are indexed via the index.d.ts file located in each directory and the ambient module names are then declared in a single file for the namespace called modules.d.ts. To utilise in a project, where you are going to import several modules via an AMD loader, you would likely just need to reference the modules.d.ts. If you need to modify the names of the ambient modules to match your runtime environment, then you would copy the modules.d.ts and rename all the modules as required.

    Basic usage would be to include the index.d.ts and likely modules.d.ts in files used either by tsc or in your tsconfig.json or referenced within your TypeScript files. The wiki contains some basic how to instructions.

    The easiest way to install the typings is via npm:

    > npm install dojo-typings --save-dev


    The repository has a Gruntfile.js and a development dependency of grunt that can help validate any changes to the typings. After cloning the repository and running npm install, you can then run grunt or grunt dev which will compile the files with tsc as well as run tslint against the core files.


    There are examples of how to use the typings in a TypeScript project located in the examples directory of this repository.


    Typings are global

    At the time of this writing (TypeScript 1.7/1.8), typings are global and absolute. In order to change module resolution from dojo/... the modules.d.ts will need to be updated.

    String Literals

    The current typings are built around TypeScript 1.7. TypeScript 1.8 introduced string literal types and there are improvements that can be made to the typings, several of them noted as comments in the existing typings.

    Note: while the repository currently uses TypeScript 1.8 as its development dependency we haven't started using the string literals yet.


    Contributions to this repository are very much welcomed! If you wish to contribute to this repository, please see our Contributing Guidelines.




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