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DoggoTranslator (core) 🐶

The universal doggo translator

I made this a while ago for fun in Vue with ES6 JavaScript. Later, I made the translator standalone and this repository is for just the core translator. If you don't know what this is all about you should read this page. The reason I didn't release it back then because it is still missing alot of translations and the code isn't that clean. If you have suggestions for translations, see the How to contribute section.

How to install

Using npm:

npm install doggotranslator


Translating a sentence

import DoggoTranslator from 'doggotranslator';
//Create a new translator instance set to English
let doggoTranslator = new DoggoTranslator('en');
//Translating english to doggo speak
let englishToDoggo = doggoTranslator.translateSentence('Hi friend!', false);
console.log(englishToDoggo); //Hi fren!
//Translating doggo speak to english
let doggoToEnglish = doggoTranslator.translateSentence('Hi fren!', true);
console.log(doggoToEnglish); //Hi friend!


When creating a new DoggoTranslator instance, you must set the language by passing the language to the constructor.

new DoggoTranslator({string} language)

The following methods are available on a DoggoTranslator instance:

translateSentence({string} sentence, {bool} reversed)

This returns a translated string from the given sentence. When reversed is set to false, it translates from the language in the DoggoTranslator instance to doggo speak. When reversed is set to true, it translates from doggo speak to the language set in the DoggoTranslator instance.


This returns an array with the languages as strings.

setLanguage({string} language)

This sets the language on the DoggoTranslator instance to the given language. The language name should be the same as in the array given by getLanguages(). If the language doesn't exist it defaults back to en and logs an error.


  • Add more translation possibilities and making the translating smarter.
  • Maybe remove the error when a language is not found when node is running in production

How to contribute

If you want to add features, improve some code or add translations you are more than welcome to submit a Pull Request to this repo. If you don't know what to do, follow this guide.

If you have suggestions for features or translations and don't know how to program or git, you can create an issue on this Github repository.


This application is released under the MIT license.

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