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Docusaurus Prince PDF Generator

Extract rendered data from Docusaurus and generate PDF, the hard way


Prince PDF for Docusaurus Documentation

You can download it in GitHub Actions artifacts section to see the result.

This project is using the method 1 (see below) for generating PDF. You must have Prince installed on your local machine.


Install Prince first.

Run the following commands to generate PDF:

# Genrate PDF from specific site under `docs` scope
npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -u

# Change generating scope to `/docs/cli/`
npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -u

# Custom working (output) directory
npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -u --dest ./pdf-output

# Custom output file name
npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -u --output docs.pdf

To generate PDF from a local Docusaurus instance. You need to first build the site locally:

# Build the site
(npm|yarn|pnpm) build

# Serve built site locally
(npm|yarn|pnpm) serve

# Generate PDF from local Docusaurus instance
npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -u http://localhost:4000/docs # Change port to your serving port

See help screen for all options:

npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -h

Docker (Recommended)

You can run this program with Docker image:

docker run --rm -it --init \
  -v $(pwd)/pdf:/app/pdf \
  openbayes/docusaurus-prince-pdf \

If you need Asiatic languages support like Chinese and Japanese. You can mount your custom fonts directory to Docker image:

docker run --rm -it --init \
  -v $(pwd)/pdf:/app/pdf \
  -v $(pwd)/fonts:/root/.fonts \
  openbayes/docusaurus-prince-pdf \

GitHub Actions

You can also run this program inside GitHub Actions:

    # prerequisites...

    - name: Install Prince
      run: |
        curl -O
        tar zxf prince-14.2-linux-generic-x86_64.tar.gz
        cd prince-14.2-linux-generic-x86_64
        yes "" | sudo ./

    - name: Build PDF
      run: npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -u

    - name: Upload results
      uses: actions/upload-artifact@v3
        name: result
        # The output filename can be specified with --output option
        path: pdf/
        if-no-files-found: error

    # ...other steps

You can also run prince with prebuilt Prince Docker image:

    # prerequisites...

    - name: Build PDF
      run: docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/pdf:/app/pdf openbayes/docusaurus-prince-pdf -u

    # ...other steps

How it works

Like mr-pdf, this package looks for the next pagination links on generated Docusaurus site. Collect them in a list and then pass the list to Prince to generate the PDF.

You can specify the CSS selector if you're using custom Docusaurus theme:

npx docusaurus-prince-pdf -u --selector 'nav.custom-pagination-item--next > a'

Why this package?

I made a comparison list for the two methods of generating PDF from Docusaurus.

Method 1: Prince

The good:

  • Best font subsetting support
  • Text can be selected and copy/paste correctly
  • Fancy Table of Contents

The bad:

  • Watermark on first page of generated PDF make it hard to handle in CI/CD environments
  • Doesn't work with some CSS syntax (e.g. mask-image)
  • Doesn't work with some HTML features (e.g. srcset)
  • Commercial license is expensive ($3,800)

The ugly:

  • None

Method 2: mr-pdf (not used in this project)

The good:

  • Free and open-source
  • Works with Docusaurus sites
  • CI/CD friendly
  • Based on Puppeteer make it works for most modern CSS syntax (e.g. mask-image)

The bad:

  • Doesn't work well with system Dark Mode. You will get a dark background in generated PDF when you have respectPrefersColorScheme enabled in your Docusaurus instance. But it's not an issue in Ci/CD environments
  • No Table of Contents

The ugly:

  • Based on Puppeteer make the text cannot be copied or searched correctly
  • Link anchors (links start with #) not well handled


npx mr-pdf --initialDocURLs="" --paginationSelector=".pagination-nav__item--next > a" --contentSelector="article"






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