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Docusaurus Plugin react-docgen-typescript

A Docusaurus 2.x plugin that help generate and consume auto-generated docs from react-docgen-typescript.


Grab from NPM and install along with react-docgen-typescript:

npm i --save-dev docusaurus-plugin-react-docgen-typescript react-docgen-typescript


Inside your docusaurus.config.js add to the plugins field and configure with the src option with full glob support 👍.

module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [
        /** @type {import('docusaurus-plugin-react-docgen-typescript').Options} */
        // pass in a single string or an array of strings
        src: ['path/to/**/*.tsx', '!path/to/**/*test.*'],
        parserOptions: {
          // pass parserOptions to react-docgen-typescript
          // here is a good starting point which filters out all
          // types from react
          propFilter: (prop, component) => {
            if (prop.parent) {
              return !prop.parent.fileName.includes('@types/react');

            return true;

Any pattern supported by fast-glob is allowed here (including negations).

Reading Annotations

Using the default settings, annotations are stored inside of the .docusaurus directory. The @docgen alias is set to ensure stable access to these files.

Build a Prop Table

Most of the time props will want to be shown as API information to a particular component. For convenience, we can use a simple hook from this package to dynamically import .json files:

import { useDynamicImport } from 'docusaurus-plugin-react-docgen-typescript/dist/esm/hooks';

export const PropTable = ({ name }) => {
  const props = useDynamicImport(name);

  if (!props) {
    return null;

  return (
          <th>Default Value</th>
        {Object.keys(props).map(key => {
          return (
            <tr key={key}>
              <td>{props[key].defaultValue && <code>{props[key].defaultValue.value}</code>}</td>
              <td>{props[key].required ? 'Yes' : 'No'}</td>


Name Type Required Description
src string | string[] Yes Tell react-docgen where to look for source files.
global boolean No Store results so they're globally accessible in docusaurus
route RouteConfig No Makes docgen results accessible at the specified URL. Note modules cannot be overridden.
tsConfig string No Specify the path to your custom tsconfig file (note that in most cases the default config is sufficient)
compilerOptions CompilerOptions No Pass custom ts compiler options in lieu of of a custom tsConfig
parserOptions ParserOptions No Options passed to react-docgen-typescript

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