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    A documentation system for mortals. Use with any language.

    Generates a static, searchable documentation website from JavaDoc style comments found within source code. It is similar to YUIdoc, but doesn't infer anything from the source code or directory stucture.

    Yes, I eat my own dog food -- this site you're currently looking at was generated by Documon.

    Example + Documentation:

    Get It

    Install via NPM:

    npm install documon

    Or ↆ download Documon directly and use it "stand alone" (via Node).

    Or via github:

    Quick Start

    Within Node project (javascript):

    var docs = require("documon");
        src : "path/to/src"

    From CLI:

    node /path/to/documon/index.js "/path/to/source" "/path/to/destination"


    Comment tags are soley responsible for organizing the resulting heirarchy (inheritence and membership).

    • Built for mortals, runs on Node.
    • Generates static website (no server-side stuff).
    • Search enabled (low overhead, no database)
    • Use within any Node build system.
    • Zero dependancies.
    • Use with any programming language.
    • Plain-text + markdown based.
    • JavaDoc syntax.
    • Structure is derived soley from the comments.
    • Direct control over final structure of the resulting website.
    • Great for small and large projects.
    • Auto inheritance cross fill and referencing (links to and fills children classes with inherited methods, props and events).

    Documon does NOT:

    • Actual source code not required.
    • Doesn't interpret / execute source code.
    • No over-arching code organization required.
    • Doesn't infer inheritence / membership from the directory structure.
    • Doesn't infer property / method names, arguments, etc, from the source code.

    As a result, comment blocks must be robust and include all pertinent details required to generate documentation.

    Get Involved


    Documon is written in Javascript and runs on the Node platform, which runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. Documon can be installed using NPM, or ↆ downloaded directly.


    Templating is handled through vanilla javascript modules, leveraging ES6's Template Literals. This provides the highest level of flexability with zero-dependancies, unlimited logic constraints, and nothing new to learn.

    Of course, since templates are JS, you can always roll some other templating system, such as Twig, or Handlebars, into your custom template.


    Documon's only dependancy is Node, no additional modules are needed.

    Change Log

    v1.1 - 2019-10-20 @ 13:10:18

    • updates

    v1.0 - 2017-01-28 @ 13:09:49

    • initial release

    Author & Copyright

    Copyright © Mike Gieson. Released under the MIT license.



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