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This is the default theme for documentationjs: it consists of Handlebars templates and a few assets: a highlight.js theme and basscss as a basic CSS framework.

This is bundled by default in documentation: it is the default theme.

The contents are the following:

  • index.hbs, the main template that defines the document structure
  • section.hbs, a partial used to render each chunk of documentation
  • assets/*, any assets, including CSS & JS


  • {{format_params}}: format function parameters, including the types included within.
  • {{permalink}}: in the context of a documentation chunk, return the chunk's permalink
  • {{autolink TEXT}}: given a chunk of text that may be a reference to a method, property, or other namespaced item, link the text to the item
  • {{md TEXT}}: render Markdown-formatted text, parsing additional JSDoc inline tag syntax and linking links when necessary
  • {{format_type}}: format a type definition, like {string} within a param definition.