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after parsing an upload and finding all matching bills, stre the discovered relationships in the database

Docparse Upload Set Matches

After parsing an upload, add all the matched invoice ids to the invoices field of the upload docment. The upload should be an instance of docparse-upload.

Dependency Status Dependency tracking by David


var eyespect = require('eyespect').inspector()
var upload = {
  invoiceIDs: []
var invoice1ID = 'fooInvoiceID1'
var invoice2ID = 'barInvoiceID2'
var invoiceIDs = [invoice1ID, invoice2ID];
var data = {
  invoiceIDs: [invoiceIDs],
  upload: upload
setMatches(data, function(err, upload) {
  if (err) {
    inspect(err, 'error adding invoice ids to upload')
  inspect(upload, 'upload after adding invoice ids');


npm install docparse-upload-set-matches

Example Installation

npm install docparse-upload-set-matches eyespect