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Docparse Upload Set Matches

After parsing an upload, add all the matched invoice ids to the invoices field of the upload docment. The upload should be an instance of docparse-upload.

Dependency Status Dependency tracking by David


var eyespect = require('eyespect').inspector()
var upload = {
  invoiceIDs: []
var invoice1ID = 'fooInvoiceID1'
var invoice2ID = 'barInvoiceID2'
var invoiceIDs = [invoice1ID, invoice2ID];
var data = {
  invoiceIDs: [invoiceIDs],
  upload: upload
setMatches(data, function(err, upload) {
  if (err) {
    inspect(err, 'error adding invoice ids to upload')
  inspect(upload, 'upload after adding invoice ids');


npm install docparse-upload-set-matches

Example Installation

npm install docparse-upload-set-matches eyespect